Keep Your Scrubs From Fading with These 3 Tips

Keep Your Scrubs From Fading with These 3 Tips

Faded scrubs are just the worst. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s so sad to watch those vibrant colors fading away! Let’s try to prevent fading in our scrubs (and other clothing, for that matter) by following these three simple rules. They’re useful, easy to follow, and smart!

Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softener and softener sheets are known for fading your clothing. Try to refrain from using these, especially liquid fabric softener. If you’re using the dryer (we’re about to get to that one…) and you’re having issues with static, then try static-relieving balls. They may be noisy, but they get the job done.

Line-Dry Your Scrubs

The dryer can definitely cause your scrubs to fade, so let’s try to line-dry them! You can definitely (and safely) line dry them until they’re damp, and then tumble dry them in the dryer. Clotheslines can be put up almost anywhere; even in apartment buildings, usually balconies are large enough.

Use a Hot Iron

It may be an old practice, but it’s a solid one! Ironing your scrubs will keep them looking vibrant, crisp, and professional! So get out that old ironing board, find your iron, and get to it! You’ll be pleased with the results; there’s nothing like wearing a crisp and clean pair of scrubs to work!

Above all, pay close attention to the care label on your scrubs. You’ll notice instructions like tumble dry on low heat, or machine wash cold on gentle cycle. You can avoid making a ton of laundry mistakes just by following the proper care instructions for your clothing.

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