Ladies Scrub Caps: Four Unique Patterns

Ladies Scrub Caps: Four Unique Patterns

Here at Blue Sky Co., we want to keep things interesting in your medical wardrobe. That’s why we don’t just do scrub tops, pants, jackets and lab coats. We’ve also got all kinds of amazing accessories that can really help your outfit pop and show off your own unique style! To see what we mean, let’s show off four amazing scrub cap patterns that we’ve recently added. We’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with at least one of them by the end!

Stormy Night

For our first scrub cap pattern, we have the Stormy Night. Its given that name for its dark shades of blue and black swirls that remind one of a stormy night. If you like how you look in blue, or you have a dark blue scrub outfit that you know this cap would match great with, come check it out on our website and place an order!

Nordic Grey

This one is sure to keep you looking both practical and professional, but also fresh and sleek at the same time. The grey color should allow it to easily match with any scrub outfit, and we know you’ll love how it looks as soon as you put it on!


Next up, we have the Rose scrub cap. This pattern of various shades of rose will keep you looking great all day long, and it makes a perfect match with the Black Valentina softshell jacket or the Black Shelby Scrubs.


The pomegranate pattern comes together beautifully with a combination of pink and reddish hues. This design truly looks like a piece of modern art, and you’ll feel very stylish when you’re wearing it! Be sure to check out the Pomegranate style scrub cap, as well as all the other patterns mentioned here, on the Blue Sky Co. website.