Ladies' Scrub Caps: Newer, Bolder Styles

Ladies' Scrub Caps: Newer, Bolder Styles

At Blue Sky Co., we like to offer style, comfort and originality to all medical professionals looking to expand their wardrobe. That’s why we make not just scrubs, but also jackets, lab coats and fashionable accessories like our new styles of scrub caps! Here are a few of our favorite ladies’ scrub cap styles:


Gorgeous hues of red and pink come together to make the amazing Pomegranate scrub cap pattern. It’s a great design that truly looks like a piece of modern art! Be sure to check out the Pomegranate when you visit our website.

Stormy Night

Our next pattern is the stormy night, a great choice for anyone who’s a fan of dark blue shades. The deep blue and black swirls give the cap an appearance of a stormy night, hence the name. This is definitely the scrub cap to go with if you already have a dark-blue set of scrubs to match.

Nordic Grey

This unique, modern, stylish scrub cap is certain to keep you looking professional, fresh and sleek every time you put it on. The grey coloring should make it very easy to match with nearly any combination of scrubs, jackets or vests. We guarantee that you’ll love the way it looks on you!


Finally, we have the Rose scrub cap pattern. This scrub cap is made to match perfectly with the Black Valentina Softshell Jacket or the Black Shelby Scrubs! This pattern of various shades of rose will keep you looking stylish all day long, and it looks great next to black!

To view our entire collection of modern, stylish and artistic marble scrub cap patterns for yourself, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website and order one for yourself or a coworker today! You can even order them in bulk with the help of our simple group ordering process!