Logan and Landon: An Unbeatable Scrub Combination For Women

Logan and Landon: An Unbeatable Scrub Combination For Women

Hard-working medical professionals like yourself need the right outfit to help you get the job done. What you wear to work can make all the difference in how you feel, and how you perform at work. When you’re running through busy halls and tending to patients, you need to have scrubs that feel great to wear, that are made of breathable fabric, and that don’t tear or stain too easily. You may not have put much thought into it before, but we have! And we’ve designed many scrub sets and other items that help medical professionals like you make it through the shift. Today we’re going to talk about an unbeatable scrubs combination; the Logan Top and Landon Pants for women.

Logan 2-Pocket Scrub Top

A delicate balance of luxurious comfort and stretchable performance scrubs fabric make this scrub top unlike anything you’ve worn before. The gorgeously cut Logan top even has an inner chest pocket to stash small items. It's also excellent for layering comfortably with a jacket, hoodie or lab coat. The stretchiness in the Logan comes from the fabric blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. As if it couldn’t get any better, this top is wrinkle and fade resistant, and it's also sweat-wicking!

Landon Trouser Scrub Pants

The Logan 2-pocket top would be amazing enough on its own, but things get even better when you combine it with the perfect pair of scrub pants. We like to call the Landon Trouser Scrub Pants the ultimate multitasker! They’re light as a feather, soft and stretchy enough for all the movement you need, and they’ve got pockets and zippers in all the right places for a sleek, functional look and feel. It doesn’t hurt that they come in 11 unique color options, so that you can match them with your top perfectly!

If you’re interested in trying this unbeatable scrub combination, or in the many other scrubs and the best scrubs accessories we have available, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website and blog today!