Look Stylish in Lab Coats by Blue Sky Co.

Look Stylish in Lab Coats by Blue Sky Co.

Does your lab coat fit you finely, or do you feel resistance when you try to move around with ease? Is it so white it nearly sparkles when clean, or would you prefer a more sleek, proper look? With Blue Sky Co., we offer lab coats that fit flawlessly and look professional, too! In fact, our entire line of medical attire is designed to keep you comfortable all while helping you to look your best. So let’s check out what Blue Sky has to offer when it comes to lab coats!

Look Sleek in Bradford Twill Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

The Bradford Twill lab coat features a modern, cutting edge design! These coats feature a European-inspired white collar, and are undeniably soft- not that you’re surprised, right? All of our products are made from the world’s finest fabrics!

This lab coat repels and releases stains with protection technology. You’ll love the ease of knowing that accidents happen- but they don’t have to mean the end your lab coat! And if you’re wondering where you’ll hold your things, this coat features two lower pockets and one chest pocket- you’ll have plenty of space!

Enhance Your Professionalism in a Preston Twill Lab Coat by Blue Sky Co.

Our Preston Twill lab coat is similar to the Bradford with its protection technology, European collar, and incredibly soft fabric. You’ll have plenty of pocket space, and this coat definitely fits as well as it feels, and gives you the most professional look around!

If you’re looking for a new lab coat, OR your very first lab coat, Blue Sky Co. is the way to go! We take pride in our products and how well-made they are. Our lab coats are no different. So don’t be afraid to splurge on the world’s softest, most well-fitting scrub attire!