Looking For a More Petite Fit?

Looking For a More Petite Fit?

Have you been looking for a more petite fit in your scrub uniform? We don’t blame you; it’s frustrating when our clothes are too baggy! It also looks unprofessional, and we definitely don’t want that! But let us tell you: you’ve certainly come to the right place! Blue Sky Co. would like to introduce you to our Grey Label scrubs: perfect for the pette-wearer! Let’s dive right into what these scrubs have to offer, from their fabrics, to their fit!

Note that we have Grey Label scrubs available in both the Shelby line, and Simple line. Today we’ll be discussing the classic Shelby Grey Label scrubs.

Grey Label Shelby Tops

This magnificent, unshrinkablescrub top was perfectly tailored with a slim fit in mind and our beautiful white designer stitching! You’ll love the way it looks, as well as the way it fits and feels. After all, they’re made with you in mind. Now, about the specifics: these scrubs are made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, will not shrink, have side slits at the hips for easy movement (which we know you definitely need!), and are also wrinkle and fade-resistant! What more could you want out of your scrubs?

Grey Label Shelby Pants

Now, moving onto our complimentary Grey Label Shelby scrub pants, they also have everything you’d desire in a set of petite scrubs. They have a slim straight leg, fit low rise, and are made out of the same great fabrics! And you’ll love that they’re available in so many varying coors!

Our line of Grey Label Shelby scrubs are just as durable as Shelby scrubs, but are available in dainty sizes! So if you’re in need of a petite fit, find our website here, and place your order today! You’ll fall in love with these scrubs so easily; we’re certain of it.