Luxe Lab Coats to Suit All Your Needs

Luxe Lab Coats to Suit All Your Needs

It can be tough to find the right lab coat. This is definitely something that we at Blue Sky Co.. understand! You want the coat to fit you professionally, but you also want room to move and breathe, and of course, enough pocket space to hold all of your gadgets and gizmos. Are we hitting close to home? Let’s explore what Blue Sky Co. has to offer when it comes to lab coats.

The Bradford

The Bradford lab coat was designed to suit your style. You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd (in the best way possible!) in this coat. It has a european inspired white collar that looks flawless, and when it comes to storing your essentials, this coat has one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets. It also has technology we put in our lab coats to help repel and release stains! All in all, we believe this is the perfect coat for you.

The Preston

So, you know all of those things we just bragged about for the Bradford lab coat? Well, this coat is precisely the same; it has all of those pros! Except one tiny detail: we’ve added a grey trim to make this coat pop and stand out! So if you’re looking for a coat that looks good on you, feels awesome, and gets you through the day, look no further. You’ve found it, friends.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have plenty to offer when it comes to your medical scrub uniform! We have many accessories like jackets, vests, and sporty undershirts that layer well underneath your scrubs; they also look great worn with scrub pants. We even have scarves! We can’t wait for you to explore our collection! Log online today and fall in love.