Luxurious Scrub Caps in Every Color

Luxurious Scrub Caps in Every Color

We put on our medical scrubs in the morning, and sometimes everything feels all too routine. Sometimes the sky blues are too blue, and the white, too white, and we wish we had a splash of color somewhere in our outfits like we do with our street clothes. Does this sound familiar?

Fortunately at Blue Sky Co., you can find the perfect solution. Scrub caps of three different varieties, with plenty of colors and patterns to color your day with energy and vibrance. Care to know more? Let’s explore the options!

The Pony

This is the original scrub cap, the hat that started it all! Like its name suggests, the pony scrub hat is fabulous for your long, or short ponytail. Tie your hair in a low ponytail or bun, and then place the cap over your head, starting by covering your forehead. Then tie it up, and you’re good to go!

Check out the Pony scrub cap in this beautiful, vintage paisley pattern. There are so many similarly fabulous colors and patterns to choose from- good luck!

The Pixie

The Pixie scrub hat is perfect for short hair cuts and yes- pixie hairstyles (and there’s a men’s version, too!). These hats are made from fabric that is incredibly soft, and feature a flap in the back to tuck your hair into. There’s also a disposable version, and tons of springtime colors to choose from.

Check out our Slate Grey pattern, or Black Cherry Both are excellent for this time of year.

The Poppy

Blue Sky Co.’s infamous Poppy scrub hat is a bouffant hat- it suits medium to long hair length, and poofs on top of your head, making you look glorious! Tie your hair back into a bun, then pull the cap over over head and secure it in the back. Viola! Brilliant Spring patterns include Calypso Blue,Gypsy Floral, or this magenta, neat pattern called Cosmo Gloss!