Medical Scrubs That Are More Than Just Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs That Are More Than Just Medical Scrubs

Our goal from the beginning with Blue Sky Scrubs has been to provide medical professionals and facilities with high-quality, comfortable, and fashion-forward medical uniforms. We all understand the struggle of wearing a work uniform that has never been, and never will be most of these things- they fall apart more often than not, they’re far from comfortable, and forget anything fashion-forward, right? Whatever the issue is, we want it resolved and we’re here to do it!

Since the beginning, we’ve grown our collections to not only include scrub caps, tops, and pants, but to also offer lanyards, other accessories, jackets, vests, and even lab coats. Check out our newest patterns and latest accessories that are both professional and stylish on our website!

More Than Medical Scrubs

From the beginning we’ve strived to be different, but now more than ever we’re changing the way we create medical scrubs. Using odor resistant technology and adding additional ‘secret’ pockets, Blue Sky Scrubs are practically built to last longer.

Lab Coats

If you’re wearing a lab coat from Blue Sky Co, you can trust that it’s been made with its longevity in mind. Our lab coats are made from 100% cotton twill, designed to resist stains, and are perfectly dryer-safe.

Jackets & Vests

Now that winter is here, bundle up with our favorite softshell jacket. Even though we’re still getting lucky with warmer afternoons, you’ll be sure to stay plenty warm on your way into work.

Trendy is the best word we can use to describe our jackets and vests with their stand-up collar and layers upon layers of warmth and comfort.

Lanyards & Other Accessories

Need a secure place to carry your keys, or your nametag? Our unique collection of stylish lanyards can be mixed and matched to add a touch of style to your uniform. Or, if lanyards aren’t your style- drop your keys in your incognito pocket and accessorize your work outfit with a gorgeous pair of earrings, you can’t go wrong!