Men's Scrub Caps: Plenty of Patterns to Choose From

Men's Scrub Caps: Plenty of Patterns to Choose From

Well fellas, if it’s time to replace one of your scrub caps- or maybe all of them, we certainly have plenty of patterns to choose from! The season is changing; maybe you need some change, too! So whether you’re looking to replace your entire wardrobe of scrub caps, or just that lucky cap, here are our five recent favorites!

Lakehouse Plaid

Are you looking for something simple? This scrub cap pattern is a professional plaid that we know you’ll appreciate. We’re keeping it simple with our Lakehouse Plaid; this pattern consists of navy and white only! Pair it with a set of navy scrubs and you’ll be all set.

Thirlstone Plaid

Are you looking for a splash of color to add to your wardrobe? We believe you’ll find it here, in the Thirlstone Plaid scrub cap pattern. Colors such as sapphire, redwood, and hunter decorate this plaid pattern.

Back Bay Stripes

This pattern will certainly take you somewhere… somewhere far away from work, that is! This blue canvas is decorated with black, lemon, and white stripes; it’ll make you crave the beach! We love it, and we’re certain you’ll like it, too!

Lucky Strike

Are you looking for some fun? Maybe some bowling fun? This pattern is perfect for the avid bowler. Against a faux wood background you’ll find decorative bowling pins and signs!

Kick Off

Returning to sports, we also have a scrub cap pattern that’s perfect for the football fan in everyone! Show off your enthusiasm with this cap! Who knows? Maybe your patients will love it, too!

If you’re looking to change things up a bit, we hope you’ve found these scrub cap patterns to be inspiring! There are, of course, dozens more where these came from! Go ahead and visit our website, and fall in love with your brand new lucky scrub cap!