Mother's Day Gifts Galore for Your Medical Mama

Mother's Day Gifts Galore for Your Medical Mama

If you’re looking for a great gift to give to your “Medical Mama,” or favorite coworker for Mother’s Day, Blue Sky Co. is a great place to shop! We have quite a few accessories we think anyone would love, including scrub caps in dozens of different colors and patterns, lab coats that shine bright, bright white, and more! Read on to see what we have to offer, and maybe we’ll help you make a decision!

Scrub Caps

Ah, those scrub caps we mentioned… they’re almost too good to be true! We have a scrub cap to suit everyone, every hairstyle. From men’s scrub caps, to disposable caps, to women’s caps: The Poppy, Pixie, and Pony, we cover it all! Each cap is made from luxuriously soft material, and is available in a fresh, stylish print!

Fresh, New Lab Coats

It’s wise to have a spare lab coat lying around! Or maybe your medical mama needs hers replaced! Our lab coats are bright white and are equipped with Teflon Protection Technology, which repels and releases stains! Your favorite coworker will love having a coat that’s easy to care for, and fits professionally, too!

Stylish Scrubwear

Finally, cutting edge design that meets scrubwear! That’s exactly what you’ll find here at Blue Sky Co.: scrubs that fit flawlessly and look professional, as well. We wish we could cover all of our different styles of scrubs, because they’re all so amazing! But if you’re looking for springtime colors for your medical mama, you definitely want to peruse our Classic collection! There, you spot several different colors that are sure to suit your fancy!

Blue Sky Co. enjoys giving you gift ideas, and has way more online at! Go ahead, don’t be shy! Log online today and view our medical accessories (like lanyards and matching earrings!) to find the perfect gift for your favorite nurse, or coworker this Mother’s Day. Happy shopping, friends!