November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

As you may know, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we thought we’d reach out to our customers and show our support for this important cause. Each year, 200,000 are diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and many die from it. This is why we must increase awareness for the disease, by learning about the following three factors:


If you or a loved one smokes, it may be the perfect time to quit. Smoking is the #1 leading risk factor in lung cancer patients. The majority of lung cancer cases are smoking-related. Perhaps it’s time to think about the consequences this habit could very likely have on your body.

Secondhand Smoke

Did you know that secondhand smoke increases the chance of developing lung cancer by 20-30%? That’s an alarming statistic! If someone in your home smokes, or someone you’re around frequently smokes, it may be time to have a deep conversation with them. Their habit is not only harming them, but it could be harming you. Encourage them to switch to a substitute habit, or quit altogether. It’s a difficult process, so you’ll want to be there to support them.

Stay in “The Know” About Lung Cancer

Above all, it’s important to stay educated on lung cancer. Knowing the facts, learning the daunting statistics, and staying in the know can go a long way with lung cancer prevention. To start, know what lung cancer is about. Symptoms consist of persistent coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing up blood, persistent respiratory infections, or chest pain. Treatment basically consists of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or clinical trials. Of course there is no cure for lung cancer… yet.

Don a pair of white medical scrubs, or a white scrub cap this month to show your support for the many that are affected by lung cancer. Together, we can make a difference.