Quality Scrub Caps at Blue Sky Co.

Quality Scrub Caps at Blue Sky Co.

Are you looking for a scrub cap that’s stylish, well-made, and long-lasting? Well, look no further; Blue Sky Co. has all of this and more in their scrub caps! Our uniquely fashioned scrub caps were designed to fit you to the T, and to last for many washes. Read more below to find out all about our collection of scrub hats!

Disposable Scrub Caps

These caps are so much like their parent cap that you may not want to dispose of them! Made after our Pixie and Pony scrub cap, the disposable cap is perfect for when you need something impermanent!

Men’s Scrub Caps

Fellas, we haven’t left you out! Our scrub caps for men have a slim, sleek look to them and were made to fit you perfectly! They’re also available in dozens of solids, prints, and patterns just like our caps for women.

The Poppy

The Poppy cap fits like a bouffant-style cap, and is perfect for any hairstyle! This gives you tons of freedom with your scrub caps! It’s definitely the most versatile of all of our scrub caps.

The Pony

The Pony cap is perfect for longer hair, when it’s pulled back into a ponytail! It securely holds your ponytail in place and keeps your hair out of the way all throughout your shift.

The Pixie

If you have shorter hair or a pixie cut, the Pixie scrub cap is the one for you! This cap has a flap in the back that securely holds your hair back!

Whatever type of scrub cap you need, we’ve got you covered! From disposable caps, to men’s caps, to ladies’ caps made for every hairstyle, we have it all. So log online today to our website and view the entire collection! You’re certain to love every design!