Scrub Caps for Women: Which Suits You?

Scrub Caps for Women: Which Suits You?

Are you ready to update your wardrobe with a few brand new scrub caps? Well we’re here to help you decide which cap suits you best in fit and style! Follow the guide below to find out which cap would best fit your hairstyle, and then of course, log onto our website to view all of the wonderful patterns these caps are available in!

The Poppy

Let’s start with Blue Sky’s Poppy cap. The Poppy cap is the most versatile of our women’s scrub caps! It suits long hair or short hair, and fits like a bouffant-style cap. It’s made from the finest fabrics found around the world, and is available in dozens of different patterns! We know you’ll adore this scrub hat.

The Pony

Are you sporting a ponytail to work? Do you have longer hair? The Pony cap is perfect for you, then. It’s best for longer hair and has a place to hold your ponytail in the back. Don’t worry, this hassle-free cap will hold your hair back securely. It’ll be completely out of the way! And of course, it’s made of the same fine fabrics as all of our caps and scrubwear.

The Pixie

For those with shorter hair, we’ve created the pixie cap. Get it? It’s for pixie hairstyles? It definitely suits short hair best, and has a flap in the back to hold your hair down so it’s out of your way while you work! This adorable scrub cap has your name all over it!

Blue Sky Co. is both happy and proud to introduce you to our three different caps for women! We hope you love them as much as we do. This, after all, is where Blue Sky Co. all began! So go ahead; try out one of our surgical caps with these awesome scrubs today!