Scrub Care Tips: Keeping Your Scrubs Stain Free

Scrub Care Tips: Keeping Your Scrubs Stain Free

We know how busy and hectic the workday of a medical professional can be. You won't always be able to stop slip-ups and accidents from happening. At some point or another while you’re working, you’re bound to end up with stained scrubs. At Blue Sky Scrubs we do our very best to help you look good at work, and that includes giving you advice on how to combat stains on your scrubs. Here’s some tips on the best ways to get rid of stains in your scrubs.

Bring a Stain Stick

When you go into work, remember to bring a stain stick with you. You should be able to fit one in your pocket, ready to be used any time there's a spill on your scrubs. If you know you’re clumsy and prone to spills, you’ll be glad you had a stain stick on you.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Believe it or not, the quickest and easiest way of getting rid of most stains on scrubs is with hydrogen peroxide Usually accessible in a medical environment, hydrogen peroxide is very effective at dealing with a mess on your scrubs before it sets in and becomes a more permanent stain, especially if its blood. Just pour the peroxide on the stain, let it sit there for a while, and then rinse it off with some water. It works best if you use cool water. This should help to easily wash the stain out of your scrubs.

Have Extra Scrubs Ready

This last bit of advice is useful if you’re dealing with a particularly big mess: bring a pair of backup scrubs to work! With backup scrubs on hand, you can immediately take off your stained scrubs and change into your backup, so that you can rinse your stained scrubs at work, and then put them in a back or a locker and give them a full wash once you get home.

We hope our advice has been helpful when it comes to keeping your scrubs stain-free. To check our scrubs, lab coats, surgical caps or accessories, or to read helpful blogs like this one, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.