Scrub Hat Patterns for Men

Scrub Hat Patterns for Men

Fellas, when it comes to scrub cap patterns, we certainly haven’t left you out! At Blue Sky Co., we offer several solids and patterns for men’s scrub caps; all you need to do is explore! Keep reading on to discover seven perfect scrub cap patterns; we hope you love them as much as we do!

This first pattern, titled Awareness Ribbons, brings out all of the fun in nautical themes. Have a coworker who loves to spend time out on the water? This is the perfect cap for him!

Next we have Halloween Stroll, a scrub hat pattern that’s perfect for any baseball fan! This hat features a soft cornflower background with baseballs overlapping each other.

Our Bahama Breeze scrub hat pattern is nice and simple. Who doesn’t need a bit of simplicity? This cap features a carolina blue background with eggshell white stripes.

Secretariat Stripes is made for bowling fans all around! This hat, with its bowling signs, pins, and balls, looks great with a pair of ceil blue or jet black scrubs!

Blue Sky’s CALAVERAS scrub cap features plaid in shades of black, red, off-white, red, and yellow. It looks professional and chic, and can be perfectly paired with a set of navy David scrubs.

This Buffalo Plaid pattern is made up of colors such as Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Navy, and Scarlet! As you might have already guessed, it looks great with Navy scrubs!

Finally, we have Road Work- and it’s perfect for the car enthusiast, or the one who likes to get away! This cap features dragsters and hot rods racing across a beige map!

So there you have it! Seven prints that men are bound to love. And there’s plenty more where that came from!