Shades of Blue For Your Scrubs

Shades of Blue For Your Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we offer our Classic Shelby scrubs in a wide variety of vibrant and lively colors. This means that we offer more than just one blue- and since blue is such a nice, wintery shade, we thought we’d highlight our truest blues for you! Below are five of our favorites. Enjoy!

Ceil Blue is a classic light blue that looks great against while hospital walls. These scrubs of course have our signature white designer stitching which looks beautiful with all shades of blue, but this blue is classic and reliable.

Turquoise Blue adds a hint of green to the mix! We simply love this color for all that it is: the perfect mix of blue and light green. Sport it with a matching pair of bottoms and you’re good to go!

Dreaming of a vacation? Caribbean certainly leads you to the thought! It’s a gorgeous shade of blue that reflects the hue of the seas… and leaves your mind wandering. Sport this color at work and you’ll be the most vibrant in the hallway!

Royal Blue is a deeper, truer blue than all the rest. It looks spectacular against our white designer stitching and in the hallways. Come on, you can’t help but fall in love with this scrub color.

Last but certainly not least, Turquoise. Our turquoise scrubs are bright, colorful, and cheerful! They’re bound to put a smile on not only your face but also the face of patients and coworkers, too!

Dress festively and dress well in Blue Sky scrubs. Our scrubs are bound to make you look more professional with their crisp and modern designs! Classic Shelby scrubs are tailored with hourglass shape, and are flattering to your form. They also have beautiful white designer stitching and a secret inside pocket! They’re everything you need and more.