Should You Wear Compression Scrubs Socks As A Nurse

Should You Wear Compression Scrubs Socks As A Nurse

Should You Wear Compression Socks As A Nurse?

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose, and they profoundly impact many lives daily. As a nurse, you spend so much time on your feet working long hours on hard floors with shifts often lasting for 12 hours or more. Being comfortable and having the best medical scrubs, compression socks, and accessories will make your shifts easier while maintaining your look as a medical professional.

Compression socks provide compression therapy, and generally, nurses are advised to wear them. The socks are snug-fitting, highly elastic, and are designed for people who spend extended periods of time on their feet. Below are the reasons why nurses should wear compression socks on their feet while working.

Reasons For Wearing Compression Socks

Nursing is hard work, and it's essential when you find something that will make your day easier and your life better to take advantage of it. Every nurse will tell you what a difference compression socks make. If you are in pain and uncomfortable while at work, it will affect your attitude and productivity.

Reason #1. Compression socks reduce leg fatigue, muscle pain, and swelling in the feet and legs.

Compression socks help boost circulation by applying pressure to the lower legs and reducing lactic acid build-up in the muscles. It reduces leg fatigue, swelling, pain, and a quicker recovery from a long hard day on the job.

Reason #2. Compression socks improve symptoms of varicose and spider veins in the legs.

Working on your feet for extended periods can cause varicose veins by allowing the blood to pool in your lower extremities. Compression socks improve circulation and reduce swelling, relieving the symptoms and slowing down the progression of varicose veins.

Severe cases can lead to deep vein thrombosis, and blood clots can occur in the leg or thigh that may break off as an embolus, possibly making it to the lungs. It is essential to wear the proper compression level and size when choosing your compression socks.

Reason #3. Compression socks add supportive, gentle pressure to the feet and legs.

Compression socks aid in providing gentle pressure to calves, feet, and ankles, helping to improve circulation and prevent blood pooling in your lower legs.

Reason #4. Compression socks are easy to put on, comfortable, and convenient.

The elasticity ensures that your compression socks will remain in place even with a lot of movement. They are also easy to take off and on. However, you will ideally replace them every five to six months.

Reason #5. The designs are professional and attractive.

Nurses working in a hospital or clinic are required to wear scrubs and medical attire to reflect the professional nature of their environment. Compression socks come in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Nursing scrubs and socks are an easy way to personalize your uniform.

Things To Consider When Buying Compression Socks

Proper compression level

Choosing the right compression level is essential as the wrong one may be ineffective for you. If you are a nurse who is more likely to be active, you may select a milder compression sock with a level of 8-15 mmHg (mmHg+millimeters of mercury, a unit of measurement for pressure).


You may want to ensure that your compression socks are comfortable and you can wear them for the entire shift. When buying compressions socks, the socks' fabric should be made from cotton.

Cotton is known for its breathability and comfort. Consider whether or not the material is safe for your skin to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions.


A quality compression socks be used for several months, and while a good pair may cost a little more, quality is worth the investment.

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