Spring Away from Pollen and into Softshell Vests from Blue Sky Co.

Spring Away from Pollen and into Softshell Vests from Blue Sky Co.

Well friends, we’ve reached that dreadful time of year during which pollen ascends from seemingly every tree- all at once. Our cars are covered in it, the soles of our shoes have a faint yellow tint to them, and we’re sneezing and waking up with sore, dry throats. It’s awful!

What else is awful? Those walks into work, through the pollen-streaked parking lots, the pollen-soaked air. Brush up against the wrong tree or even your own vehicle and your scrubs might even become tainted with this yellow pest! Fortunately, Blue Sky Co. has a solution- or at least an idea! A softshell vest: perfect for this time of year’s weather, and protective enough to keep your scrubs clean as you walk into work.

Why Choose a Vest Over our Softshell Jackets?

It seems that we’re in for a warmer, earlier Spring this year. A vest not only keeps you cooler than our cozy fleece jackets, but it will also allow you to move around more freely. Not that we don’t think you’ll absolutely love our jackets; vests may be a better option this time of year.

Blue Sky’s Softshell Vests

Our Kensington vest, for example, is modern, lightweight, and still soft as ever, made with a comfortable, breathable fleece. Our vests feature stand up collars, and three layers of bonded polyester for ultimate comfort. Wear it on your way to work, through the Springtime outdoors, and even all throughout your shift! You’ll be cozy, and will still have the same mobility as you’d have without an extra layer of clothing.

If navy isn’t your color, try out the same fit in cream, or even eggplant! And for a more professional, sleek look, the Kensington softshell vest is also available in black.

If you’re interested in our stunning collection of softshell vests, or need to keep your scrubs clear of all of this pollen, visit our website today!