Springtime Scrub Caps for Your Favorite Nurses

Springtime Scrub Caps for Your Favorite Nurses

If you have a favorite nurse, or coworker, you may be wanting to give them a gift for spring! A new scrub cap, especially with a “springy,” pattern, makes the perfect gift! Let’s take a look at a few patterns that are certain to suit your fancy! And of course, these caps look brilliant with our classic scrubs, available in dozens of different colors.

This beautiful cap, Ballerina Girl, features a bright turquoise background with blossoming coronas. These beautiful coronas are different shades of dark blue, yellow, soft white, and pink. It’s too easy to fall in love!

Mexican Navajo is definitely a colorful pattern that we’re certain you’ll enjoy wearing! It’ll enhance your wardrobe and certainly stand out in the hallway! Traditional Mexican patterns in kelly green, black, white, and lime decorate a vibrant red tapestry.

Do you love floral patterns? This one’s for you. Antheia Blossoms is another beautiful cap that you’d enjoy wearing. This navy canvas is decorated with a floral pattern of pink, tangerine, peacock, and white!

Valentine's Sweethearts is a gorgeous kelly green canvas that’s decorated with traditional aztec art in colors such as cornflower yellow, fuschia, and avocado green! This cap is absolutely perfect for Spring! We bet that you can’t wait to try it on!

Finally, our last cap- Paradisio, features pyramids in soft grey, fuchsia, carnation pink, and melon. It looks great with a pair of light grey scrubs, and it’s another great cap for the upcoming season. All we can of are think of are colors, colors, colors!

Didn’t you just love those prints? We did too! And guess what! You can find these patterns for your favorite nurse, and far more at Blue Sky Co.! Just log onto our website today and view our stunning collection of medical scrubs, lab coats, scrub caps, and so much more!