Stay Stylish in Blue Sky's Shelby Scrubs: Designed in Austin Texas

Stay Stylish in Blue Sky's Shelby Scrubs: Designed in Austin Texas

Blue Sky Co. works hard to bring you the most modern, stylish scrubwear around! If you haven’t checked out our webpage yet, you should definitely add it to your list! Today we’re going to brag solely about our Classic Shelby scrubs, the scrubs that started it all. We know you’ll love them as much as we do!

Classic Shelby Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

From our classic collection, these scrubs give you the relaxed fit you’ve been searching for all along! They have one chest utility pocket with beautiful white designer stitching that stands out in the best way. They’re also wrinkle free and fade-resistant, so they’re super easy to care for! Just toss them in the wash with like colors, and tumble dry on the low setting. Your scrubs will stay vibrant shift after shift… after shift!

Shades to Last All Season

Perhaps the best part about our Shelby scrubs is that they’re available in a wide variety of colors! From neutral blues and greys to vibrant purples, we cover it all! Spruce up your wardrobe this season with a brand new set of Shelby scrubs in the following colors:

Caribbean is a great choice if you’re trying to branch out from more traditional, softer blues. This deep blue color looks fantastic with a matching scrub cap or our Circus lanyard!

Chloe Jade is a soft green shade that is peaceful and calming. Your patients and coworkers alike will enjoy seeing this color in the hallway.

Eggplant is a beautiful shade of purple- and perfect for this season! Pair it with a spooky Halloween-themed scrub cap and you’re good to go!

We covered only three patterns; there are plenty where these came from! Log onto our website today to view our Shelby scrubs in all of their bright, vibrant colors!