Staying Warm: Wearing Scrubs in Layers

Staying Warm: Wearing Scrubs in Layers

This time of year we may need more than just our scrubs; we may need to bundle up in a vest or jacket, or maybe an undershirt! Whatever it is you need for layering your scrubs, Blue Sky Co. has it! Let’s talk undershirts, vests, and jackets from Blue Sky Co.! You’re bound to find something you want to add to your scrub collection.


Our Windsor Long Sleeved Crewneck Tee is perfect for you! It’s tailored with a trim, fit design and a feminine silhouette. It’s made of lightweight jersey stretch knit material, which is extremely soft and comfortable against your skin! It’ll definitely keep you warm layered underneath your scrubs, or comfortable on the weekends when you’re lounging around the house!

Softshell Vests

When it comes to vests, we have our Dylan softshell vest, and our Kensington vest! Both have a 3 layer bonded polyester shell lined with microfleece, to keep you comfortable all throughout your shift. And the microfleece will certainly keep you warm in the OR. Each vest is tailored with a sleek, modern fit that makes you look plenty professional!

Softshell Jackets

If you need something a little warmer, a softshell jacket from Blue Sky Co. is right for you. Try out our Asher jacket in Jet Black; it’s the ultimate jacket for the “girl on the go.” It’s lightweight and completely wrinkle-free! In addition to this, it’s wind and water-resistant, so it’ll keep you safe and dry from the weather. It’s made for movement, too; turning corners in the hallway should be as comfortable as ever!

We hope you’ve fallen in love with our collection of undershirts, vests, and jackets! But most importantly, we hope we can help you stay warm throughout this wintery season! And as always, to view more of our collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories, visit Blue Sky’s website!