Stylish Face Masks For Medical Professionals

Stylish Face Masks For Medical Professionals

Covid-19 has shown us how important face masks can be, especially for medical professionals. While working in the medical industry, you need to be properly equipped every day, and when working long shifts, it's best to find a mask that actually feels right and doesn’t get uncomfortable after an hour or two. With all this in mind, here at Blue Sky Scrubs we have designed some stylish and comfortable masks to help you get through the day.

Super Comfy Fabric

Our scrubs are guaranteed to be breathable and comfortable, and to stay that way even hours after putting them on, that’s because they’re lined with a non-woven 100% polyester lining that helps them maintain their integrity. Even on your longest shifts, these masks won’t become irritating like some others might. They’re also washable, bleach-able, and can easily be reworn time and time again. There are tons of solid colors and patterned options available, but let’s talk about just a few examples here.

Terracina Mask

Let’s kick off the list with the Terracina mask.. Reminiscent of the Tuscan hillside, these colors will remind you of a trip to the Italian countryside. This mask has coordinating two tone pink ties with green ticking, and it's guaranteed to keep you in style as well as prevent the spread of any virus.

North Street Mask

Next up we have the North Street, where coral, turquoise and lilac-y pop perfectly against each other in this lovely floral tapestry. These masks have coordinating orange and white polka dot ties.

Fiona Mask

The colorful, wavy and memorable patterns of this scrub mask is sure to impress at your workplace. This mask has a sweet, soothing combo of colors; baby and dark pink on top of charcoal grey, with a pink and white striped tie.

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the options we have available for scrub masks. Find your ideal mask today by visiting the Blue Sky Scrubs website.