Stylish Scrub Caps From Blue Sky Co.

Stylish Scrub Caps From Blue Sky Co.

At Blue Sky, we strive for everything we make to be comfortable, practical and totally luxurious. That’s why when we set out to design our scrub caps, we wanted to make something that would fit every hairstyle. It might be hard for you to find a scrub cap that’s perfect for you elsewhere, especially if you change your hairstyle day-to-day, but by reading this blog, you’ll see how Blue Sky’s caps can fit you perfectly- and you’ll know exactly which cap is right for you.

The Poppy

For our first option, we have the Poppy scrub cap! The poppy is very versatile, it fits nearly any length of hair, from long to medium and short! It keeps your hair secure and out of the way while you work. No more uncomfortable bits of hair flying in your face while you’re focused on working!

The Pony

Next up, we have our gorgeous Pony style scrub cap! As the name suggests, The Pony is perfect for anyone with hair in a ponytail. It has a small opening in the back to put your ponytail through to keep it back so that it doesn’t swing around as you work. Finally, you won’t be fighting with your hair for your whole shift! If you’ve gotten a chance to look at the beautiful patterns, just know that you can choose any of them for your Pony scrub cap!

The Pixie

Finally, our Pixie scrub cap is perfect for anyone with a short hairstyle! Its available in dozens of different styles and colors to help you accessorize your perfect scrub outfit! To take a look at the Pixie, Poppy or Pony scrub caps and all the gorgeous patterns that go along with them, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website and check out our scrub cap collection!