Taking Good Care of Your Lab Coat

Taking Good Care of Your Lab Coat

Are you having trouble keeping your lab coat clean these days? With the inevitability of accidents, spills and stains often cause extra wear and tear on our coats, and it can be difficult to care for them properly! But that’s okay- because we’re here to help! Below you’ll find excellent tips on caring for your lab coats, and the coats we have to offer here at Blue Sky Co. Enjoy!  Blue Sky Scrubs Group Orders is a great way to outfit your whole office. 

Tips for Caring for Your Lab Coat

Keep your lab coat free of stains. We know this isn’t as easy as carrying a stain stick around with you, or stashing one in your locker. But it is possible. Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing blood stains, and most other stains can be removed by pretreating with detergent and giving the coat a good old fashioned washing.

Don’t put your lab coat in the dryer. Instead, hang it outside or in the laundry room to dry, and consider hot ironing it afterward instead of drying it. The dryer can do a lot of damage to a coat’s fabrics; air drying is much more gentle method!

Consider purchasing a spare coat, or two! Having a back up lab coat with you will not only be good for “bad days,” (when your coat is plagued by stains), but it’ll evenly spread out the wear and tear.

Luxe Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

You’ll absolutely fall in love with the lab coats offered at Blue Sky Co.! Our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats are each made to suit you perfectly, and of course, to look fantastic paired with our scrubs! Each coat is unbelievably soft, and has a European-inspired white collar. They also have technology that helps to repel and release stains! And you’ll have plenty of pocket space, with one chest pocket and two lower pockets! Visit us at 2209 Donley Dr. Austin Texas 78758