The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing Medical Scrubs

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing Medical Scrubs

Being a nurse is physically demanding work, and nurses must move patients from the bed to the gurney, constantly move and bend around patients, and pick things up. Being comfortable during your day will significantly impact your attitude and ability to move around.

Scrubs are a required and essential part of your uniform as a medical professional. When choosing scrubs for work as a nurse or a doctor, it’s necessary to ensure that you select comfortable scrubs that fit well and are functional. Scrubs also help to protect you and identify you to your patients and fellow hospital staff.

To ensure you choose the best scrubs, we will share common mistakes people make when selecting nursing scrubs.

9 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Scrubs

Avoiding these common mistakes will save you time, money, and maybe even an embarrassing moment. When shopping for scrubs, remember you will be spending long hours and several days a week in your scrubwear, and comfort, functionality, and looking professional are top priorities.

Mistake #1. Buying Scrubs That Don’t Comply With The Dress Code

You may love those cute designer scrubs or bright orange scrubs; however, if the medical facility you work at has a dress code or color code policy, you will need to wear a specific color or color combination. Ensure you avoid purchasing scrubs that don’t fit the dress code requirements.

Mistake #2. Buying The Wrong Size Scrubs

As a medical professional, it is essential to maintain a professional appearance. Buying scrubs that are too big or too small will make you uncomfortable and look unprofessional.

Scrubs that are too big will look sloppy. Scrubs that are too small or tight may rip open while you are working, and you will also be uncomfortable when stretching or bending. Ensuring that you wear scrubs that are a good fit will keep you comfortable and looking great and if you are between sizes, then size up and not down.

Mistake #3. Buying Cheap Scrubs

Sometimes to save money, you may consider buying poor-quality scrubs. But in the long run, poor-quality scrubs wear out much faster, are not as resistant to stains, and sometimes even tear at the seams when strained. Generally, poor-quality scrubs also do not give the same professional appearance as scrubs of higher quality, and they do not tend to be made of the same soft fabric. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive scrub options either but avoid buying the cheapest scrubs you can find and opt for quality over price.

Mistake #4. Getting Scrubs With Too Few Pockets

Scrubs with pockets are significantly more functional, and if you buy scrubs that don't have enough pockets to hold your gear, like pens, alcohol pads, and more, you will find yourself struggling to have your essential items accessible. Extra Pockets come in handy; some scrubs styles even have oversized pockets on the front of the thighs. Just be sure not to overload your pockets to avoid things spilling out when you bend over.

Mistake #5. Purchasing Light Colored Scrubs

If you like lighter-colored clothing, you may lean towards purchasing light-colored scrubs; however, they will show stains very quickly. Invest in dark solid color scrubs, which will hide stains and spills more efficiently, especially after washing.

Mistake #6. Buying Scrubs With Thin Fabric

Thick cotton scrubs may be warmer, but scrubs with too thin fabric are semi-transparent and easy to see through. Lighter kinds of cotton also tend to stick to your skin when sweating, and if you wear dark-colored undergarments under your scrubs, you will most likely feel embarrassed.

Mistake #7. Purchasing Scrubs In Bulk

While it may seem like a good idea, especially if you find a great bargain on scrubs, buying them in bull can be a mistake. If you change jobs and need to update your scrubwear because of a new dress code or gain or lose weight, you will have wasted your money. Only buy scrubs you need based on your shift schedule and laundry habits.

Mistake #8. Buying Scrubs With Goofy Prints

Scrubs come in various prints, but just because they are available doesn't mean you should wear them. If you work in pediatrics, it is ok, but if you are working in other departments, it may give the impression that you are not serious about your job.

Mistake #9. Purchasing Deep V Neck Scrubs

Deep V-neck scrubs can reveal too much flesh, especially if you are a busty woman or a man with a very hairy chest, especially when bending over. When choosing a v-neck style scrub top for women, ensure that it fits adequately to protect you and your patients from an uncomfortable moment.

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