The Everly Scrub Top

The Everly Scrub Top

Every medical wardrobe must be mixed up every once in a while! It’s what keeps us excited to go to work each day! We love showing off our scrubs- especially our scrubs from Blue Sky Co., since they’re so amazing. Today we’re going to introduce you to a brand new scrub top that could really spice up your wardrobe: The Everly ¾ Sleeve scrub top!

The Fit

The great thing about this scrub top is, of course, the ¾ sleeves! Don’t you just love that? It’s just enough coverage to keep you warm in a chilly work environment, but not too much to slow you down! This scrub top fits lightly and is super stretchy! We’re certain you’ll love its featherweight fabrics. Now, speaking of fabrics…

The Fabrics

Have you heard of Blue Sky Co.’s medleisure fabric? It’s just about the most comfortable fabric you’ve ever worn. It’s where medical scrubwear meets athletic wear! It’s soft, stretchy, flexible, everything you want out of your scrubs. So enjoy the fit and sleeves of this lovely scrub top! We know you will!

The Feel

This magical scrub top will feel just as amazing as it looks. Its fabrics are the perfect blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. That’s a soft fabric blend, friends. You’ll want to wear it to work every day, but sadly, it should be washed after each use. Perhaps you can purchase a backup top, just in case you really fall in love with it!

If you’re looking to spruce up your medical wardrobe, this is definitely one way to do it! The Everly ¾ sleeve scrub top is the perfect addition to your collection of medical scrubs. So go ahead; log online today to view our entire collection of scrubwear and scrub accessories, and find this scrub top today!