The Importance Of Shoes In The Medical Workplace

The Importance Of Shoes In The Medical Workplace

Aches and discomfort after a long shift at work is normal, especially for active workers in the medical industry. But, there might just be one aspect of your outfit that contributes to your comfort or discomfort more than you realize; your shoes.

Having a shoe that isn’t the right size for your feet, for example, can easily cause foot pain, leg pain and back pain. So today at Blue Sky Scrubs we’re going to talk about one way you can make yourself more comfortable at work; look for a better nursing shoe!

Finding Comfort

First and foremost, when you’re picking out a nursing shoe, comfort is the most important factor. Like we said above, picking the right shoe can be the difference between comfort and debilitating pain. So when you’re picking out your shoes, take as much time as you need to walk around in them and make sure that they feel just right.

Don’t Settle

If there’s any amount of discomfort at all when you try them on, don’t settle. Try again with another pair. You may think you’ll wear in your shoes and they’ll become more comfortable over time, but it's better not to take the chance. Don’t worry too much about how your shoes look until you find one that fits right.

The Importance Of Traction

Medical facilities can be a very busy environment, and sometimes you may have to move quickly through the hallways. You’ll want to find a nursing shoe with the right traction and grip to keep you from slipping while you walk. When you first try them on, pay attention to how much traction the shoes have.

Searching For Style

Once you’ve gotten a nursing shoe with the right fit and the right traction, you still want to make sure it looks great on you! Pick out a pair of shoes that you’ll love to see yourself in every day. Maybe you should even pick a pair of shoes that matches your favorite Blue Sky scrubs! To view our entire collection and find the perfect scrubs and accessories for your new outfit, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.