The Most Comfortable Outfit Underneath Your Scrubs

The Most Comfortable Outfit Underneath Your Scrubs

As we head into the cooler months of the year, it’s time to transition into our warmer wardrobe. Bring out those sweaters, jackets, and most importantly, undershirts! Today we’re going to discuss the best outfits to wear beneath your scrubs that will keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

Undershirts: What to Remember

First of all, when choosing an undershirt, make sure it clings snugly to your body, as baggy clothing can appear unprofessional. Make sure the color of your undershirt coincides well with the rest of your medical scrubs, or match it with a Poppy, Pixie, or Pony scrub hat from Blue Sky.

Short Sleeves

Short sleeve undershirts are great if your body typically runs warm, or if the facility you’re working in is hot. This way, you won’t get too hot during your shift and have to change into cooler clothing. Hanes t-shirts are lightweight, inexpensive, and come in basic colors to match with any scrub outfit. Or try an Aston polo from Blue Sky.

3 Quarter/Long Sleeves

Three quarter sleeves and long sleeved undershirts will keep you the warmest. You’ll still want to keep these shirts snug, as sleeves can very easily get in your way and cause an accident. Blue Sky Scrubs carries a Windsor tee made with lightweight, jersey material and will certainly keep you warm and comfy all throughout your shift!

Another pleasing addition to your medical uniform that is also fit for the season is, of course, a jacket or vest! Our jackets provide excellent water and wind resistance, are lightweight, and stretch for ultimate comfort.

Blue Sky Co. carries an array of beautiful, reliable  medical scrubs and scrub hats. Our collection is made with luxurious fabric and strong, authentic stitching, but above all, they’re made with you in mind. You can view our collection and place an order through our website today!