The Perfect Method For Drying Your Medical Scrubs

The Perfect Method For Drying Your Medical Scrubs

As a medical professional, we know you’re a busy person. You’re either rushing to work, rushing home, or trying to get some well deserved rest. It may not feel like you have much time to deal with laundry. But hear us out, because once you know how beneficial it can be to dry your medical scrubs the right way, you might just have to make time for it.

Problems With Machine Drying

Machine dryers usually aren’t the best for your clothes, especially when it comes to scrubs. After just a few times in the dryer, your scrub top or scrub pants may fade in color and be damaged by the heat. Abrasions may also occur when clothes rub against each other in the dryer, breaking threads and fading colors even more. If you love the way your set of Blue Sky Scrubs looks, you’ll probably want to keep them that way. If that’s the case, there’s got to be a better way to dry your scrubs.

The Right Method

If you make the time to line dry your scrubs, you’ll realize it's actually pretty easy! You’ve probably seen the process before; just hang a rope up in a secluded room somewhere, or outside in a backyard or a balcony, and pin your clothes up on the rope to let the circulating air and sunlight do the rest of the work! When you think about it, it really isn’t much work, and it’ll help keep your scrubs in great condition for years to come.

More From Blue Sky

At Blue Sky Scrubs, we always try to provide customers with the right information to take care of their scrubs and other medical wear. But we also want to make sure you have the top quality products to begin with. To see top quality medical wear today, including scrubs, jackets, lab coats, scrub caps and much more, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website today.