The Pony Scrub Hat and its History:

The Pony Scrub Hat and its History:

Blue Sky Co. is a company dedicated to providing customers with unique, quality medical attire. Your shifts are long and enduring- so your scrubs should stick them out with you, wouldn’t you agree? We would! That’s why our scrubs are luxuriously soft and created to withstand wear and tear like fading, wrinkles, and day to day pulling and tugging! And to think that it all began with a simple scrub cap: the pony scrub cap.

The Pony Scrub Cap from Blue Sky Co.

Blue Sky Co. began when its creator, Shelby, started a new sewing project in her living room! The customized scrub caps that she designed quickly became a popular item among her coworkers- and eventually, a business was born.

The Pony scrub cap is one of three designs that Blue Sky Co. carries. Like its name suggests, it’s made to secure your hair, leaving an opening for your ponytail. It fits perfectly, is made from the finest of fabrics, and you can find it in many patterns and colors! Mix and match for a little bit of fun, or accessorize for the holidays!

Pixie and Poppy Scrub Caps

Shelby also created the Pixie scrub cap, as well as the men’s version! This scrub hat is great for short haircuts. It keeps all of your hair out of your way, so you won’t need to worry with it during stressful shifts and quick walking and/or turning corners.

The Poppy scrub cap suits any hairstyle! It fits like a bouffant cap, and looks great with any set of Blue Sky scrubs. Whether you’re sporting solid colors, or pretty patterns, you’re sure to look sleek and professional accessorized in a Blue Sky scrub hat!

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