The Right Way to Clean Medical Scrubs

The Right Way to Clean Medical Scrubs

Ah, so you’ve purchased a new set of scrubs to update (and upgrade) your wardrobe! And of course, you want them to last their longest, and look their best always! Here are a few quick tips for cleaning and caring for your medical scrubs, that’ll both help them look vibrant and pristine, and last long, too!

Pre Wash Your Scrubs

It’s always best to pre-wash your medical uniforms. Your scrubs will look more vibrant and also last longer if you pre wash them! Make sure you’re adding half a cup of vinegar to the load, for sanitization purposes.

Follow Washing Instructions

The label on your scrubs will give you important information concerning care for your scrubs! Check for instructions like dry clean only, or tumble dry on low. The care label can save you from many laundry disasters!

Line Dry Your Scrubs

Instead of using the dryer (and energy), try line-drying your scrubs! Blue Sky scrubs won’t shrink, but line drying your scrubs definitely prevents shrinkage! It also helps to keep the fabrics from fading! Your scrubs will look and feel fresh, comfortable, and clean!

Toss Them in the Dryer

After your scrubs have been line-dried, toss them in the dryer on the lowest setting. There’s simply nothing better than a pair of incredibly soft, warm scrubs straight from the dryer!

Press Your Scrubs

Grab that old iron from the laundry room and get to pressing! Pressing your scrubs will make them look crisp and professional- ready for work! The hot iron will also kill any remaining germs that may be lurking in the fibers of your scrubs.

And as always, everything goes more smoothly when you start off on the right foot: by purchasing quality scrubs! Check out Blue Sky Co.’s website and find your favorite pair of scrubs, or accessories!