The Top 3 Ways to Care for Medical Scrubs

The Top 3 Ways to Care for Medical Scrubs

Proper care for your medical scrubs can not only improve cleanliness and sanitation, but also keeps your scrubs in great shape, ultimately elongating their lifespan. This means that you can enjoy your favorite Blue Sky scrubs longer than you ever expected to! Normally, our work uniforms wear out quickly with repetitive washing, on-the-job spills and stains, and general improper care. But with these few steps for caring for your medical scrubs, you’ll be on the right track to keeping your uniform in ideal condition!

  1. Properly Washing Your Scrubs

Attention to detail is important, people! Manufacturers are very kind to include laundering instructions on the tags of our clothing. Not every fabric is safe for the dryer; some materials must be air-dried or hung on a line outside. Some fabrics need cold water, while others require a warmer wash.

  1. Become a Spot-Treating, Stain-Removing Genius

Always be prepared! Who knows what you’ll run into, knock over, or spill on the job? To avoid stains from sticking to your scrubs, study a few stain-removing tricks and tips.There are several convenient stain remover sticks available on the market, but if these don’t cut it, you could find a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a set of clean, white cloths, and warm water. With most stains, it’s best not to scrub, but to first try blotting the stain with a wet towel.

  1. Save Your Scrubs for Your Shift

We love hearing that you want to wear your Blue Sky scrubs outside of your work. And this isn’t a bad idea, given the comfort, style, and quality of our scrubs (assuming your scrubs are properly sanitized and not covered in guts, or chemicals…).

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