Three Benefits to the Poppy Scrub Cap

Three Benefits to the Poppy Scrub Cap

At Blue Sky Co., we have many scrub caps available: The Poppy, the Pixie, the Pony, men’s scrub caps, and even disposable caps! We try to cover it all, and hopefully we succeed. All of our caps are made with care and made to fit you well! But there’s one cap in particular that we’d like to focus on today, and that’s our Poppy cap for women! Here are three reasons as to why we love it so much:

It’s Versatile

The Poppy cap is our most versatile scrub cap yet! What do we mean by this? Well, it suits both long and short hair! It’ll keep your hair safely and comfortably pulled back from your face, and out of the way while you do what you do best! We know you’re a hardworking individual who doesn’t need anything holding them back, including hair!

It’s Comfortable

Have we mentioned how comfortable this cap is? It’s definitely made to suit you perfectly, and the fabrics it’s made with are extremely soft! They’re the finest fabrics we’ve found around the world. So enjoy our scrub caps for all that they are: comfortable, durable, decorated, and well-made!

It’s Available in Many Patterns

Lastly, like the rest of our scrub cap collection, the Poppy scrub cap is available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns! We’re certain that you’ll have a blast going through all of the patterns that we have available to you. You’ll quickly find a favorite, we hope! Find one that will be a conversation starter for your patients, or coworkers!

If you’ve yet to check out our entire collection of scrubwear, then we suggest you get on it! We know you’ll love everything you find on our website, from our medical scrubs, to our Poppy scrub, to our vests and coats! Happy shopping!