Three Distinct Hat Styles From Blue Sky Co.

Three Distinct Hat Styles From Blue Sky Co.

Here at Blue Sky, we don’t just want to sell you scrubs tops, scrub pants, scrub caps and lab coats to wear when you’re at work, we want to provide you with entire outfits that not only make you comfortable, but allow you to express your unique style and give you something great to wear no matter where you are! That’s why we now have a huge selection of trucker hats for you to wear that let you accessorize your outfit and show off your love for the Blue Sky brand! All of our hats are made with a 100% polyester front and a 100% nylon back. They’ve also got a seamless foam front panel with lining and a super soft jersey sweatband to give you extra comfort! All of our hats are one size but adjustable for your comfort! However, there are quite a few style and color options to choose from. Here’s a quick explanation of the different hat styles we offer.

Be Kind

First on our list is the Be Kind hat style. This hat comes in two different options. One has a white front, a navy-blue back, a navy-blue bill and a blue patch that reads “Embrace Life, Promote Happiness” and says “Be Kind” in the center. The other option is plain grey with a green patch that has the same wording.

Good Times

For this trucker hat, there are also two selections. The only difference is the patch on the front that says “Good Times & Healing Vibes”. One patch is black and green while the other is blue, red and yellow. Both hats have a red bill, white front and blue back.

Radiate Positivity

Lastly, we have the Radiate Positivity trucker hat. This one has three options. One hat is grey with a pink “Radiate Positivity” patch. The others have a sunrise patch with the same slogan, one hat is navy blue while the other is white with a black bill and a black back.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our trucker hat collection! To check them out for yourself, as well as all of our scrubwear and other accessories, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.