Utilizing Your Scrubs in the Best Way

Utilizing Your Scrubs in the Best Way

When it comes to scrubs, our favorite thing about them is how versatile they are. There are many uses for your medical scrubs, both inside and outside of the hospital. Below you’ll find just a few of them, and we hope our list inspires you to get the absolute most out of your surgical scrubs!

  1. NAt Work

Of course, your scrubs do serve you best at work. If you’re wearing Blue Sky scrubs you know just how important it is that your work uniform is comfortable, flexible, but still looks professional.

  1. Around the House

Chores such as raking the leaves, mopping the floors, or even tackling a sink of treacherous dishes can be more comfortable handling while wearing scrubs. Spills or bleach stains aren’t an issue, and scrubs are so easy to wash after cleanup day!

  1. In the Yard

Scrub pants are great for mowing the lawn, piling branches, trimming bushes, and so many other outdoor chores. A tear in the fabric isn’t the end of the world, as long as your scrubs have already been discarded from your regular work wardrobe.

  1. Painting, Crafts, DIY Projects, Cleaning

Why ruin a perfectly decent outfit over crafting, painting, or cleaning? It’s best to dawn a pair of old, discarded scrubs and get to crafting! You can also wear them as you finish up all of those DIY projects you’ve been putting off.

  1. Bathing the Dog

Bathing Fido can turn into a real mess- especially if Fido is a large breed dog! Having an old, worn out pair of scrubs on hand is great for these situations. It doesn’t matter how wet, how soapy, or how much they smell like wet dog at the end. Scrubs are there for you- in messy times, and in clean!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re confident that you’ll love our medical scrubs so much that you’ll enjoy wearing them outside of work. To view our collection, simply visit our website!