Varying Your Scrub Collection: Decoding Design

Varying Your Scrub Collection: Decoding Design

The clothes you choose to wear do not only have one purpose. While covering your body and keeping warm is certainly important, your clothes are also an incredible way to express yourself and show off your personality.

Even more than expressing yourself, through, your outfit can affect the environment and people around you. Especially in the medical profession - that’s why some hospitals and other medical offices have enforced color-coding regulations for scrub clothes.

Solids Vs. Patterns

Mixing up your wardrobe is never a bad idea. When it comes to medical clothing, finding scrubs that you fall in love with isn’t always easy. The problem is, you’re not the only one who has to like your scrubs, either.

With fabric, you have a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. Different colors and patterns affect those around you differently - let’s explore.

Solid Colors

Solid colors make for a flattering, professional, and calming environment. In some cases, those who deal with surgical patients, hospitals, or in intensive-care are recommended to wear mostly deep blues and greens to take advantage of their calming properties. In other cases, brighter colors can uplift the environment and are often worn around children.

Patterns and Designs

Various patterns and designs take solid colors to a whole new level. These scrubs are fun, expressive, engaging, and confident. It’s a great way to add in those spunky scrubs and vary your wardrobe.

Having a Wide Variety of Scrubs

Between color-coding regulations (if applicable), your patients, work, life, and of course - laundry - it’s convenient (and practically necessary) to have a multitude of scrub outfits.

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