What are the Latest Trends in Medical Uniform Colors and Styles

What are the Latest Trends in Medical Uniform Colors and Styles

What are the Latest Trends in  Medical Uniform Colors and Styles?

It is natural for many of us when thinking about those who work within the medical field to instantly think of the scrubs in which they wear. Just like we identify policemen by their uniforms and firemen by their hats and body suits; scrubs have become a staple uniform for indicating hospital workers. Traditionally we would often recognize Doctors by their white lab coats and other members of hospital staff by their universally colored and styled scrubs; however, over the past few years medical uniforms have over gone a huge transformation. Gone are the plain and sometimes impractical ways in which scrubs were designed and manufactured, and now hospital workers from all departments can enjoy modern, trendy and comfortable uniforms.

Originally, manufacturing companies chose simple designs for both sexes which were not only cheaper to make, but also were easier and quicker to manufacture. As time has passed, these companies are now recognizing the importance of providing a wide variety of styles to suit all medical staff regardless of their gender or role within the medical field. Thanks to the advances in medicine and the changes in medicine in terms of the amount of women who now work in the field, there has been a great need for the way in which the medical field appears to also change.

Gone now are the boring white uniforms which were the staple for medical workers, and in has come a wide range of colors, patterns and designs which not only allow each department to have its own identity, but also provides employees to have brighter, more appealing uniforms. As many of us may have seen from TV programs such as ‘ER’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, colors such as blue, green and red are typically used as a means to identify Doctors from different departments. Nursing staff typically have pink as their color respectfully. However, it is not just the colors which have arrived in terms of medical scrub trends, but also the styles in which they have been manufactured and the versatility which has been adopted on to the clothing. Scrubs are now manufactured in patterned materials, with elastic bands being added to the trousers and some tunics to allow for a better fit and provide security of your scrubs staying in place during those fast paced moments!

This turnaround in scrubs can be narrowed down to the changes in trends and the way in which modern medicine now works. However, it is as much about those who work within the medical field as it is about the patients who walk through the hospital doors every single day. It has been proven that brighter colors can help cheer up those who are ill in hospital which is one of the reasons why color has been brought into hospitals in various ways such as bedside curtains. Research has been completed over the past few years to decipher those colors which are liked by patients and visitors, and those which can affect their mood to ensure that their stay in hospital is made more comfortable. Also, it makes the various departments within the hospital to identify by both patients/visitors and other members of the hospital staff. Different roles and specialties can be easily identified, helping reassure outsiders of whom they are conversing with. It also allows the wearer to have an identity as such which is related directly to the field in which they work.

Just as the medical profession has evolved in terms of science, the ways in which they now work has also evolved, meaning that there is a need for change. With the use of  modern and trendy scrubs, hospital workers now feel happier and more comfortable and with those happy faces, it’s sure to bring only warmth and reassurance to those whom they see everyday within the hospital.