What Medical Do You Carry With You?

What Medical Do You Carry With You?

Part of your job requires you to be prepared - all the time. In order to do this in your profession, however, there are a few essential tools you’ll need to carry on you. Fortunately, scrub uniforms are made with durable and convenient pockets.

Knowing Exactly What You Need

Depending on your specific job title, you may carry specialized tools, but there are a few tools you can typically find on someone who works in the medical field.

Finding the Right Pockets

The pockets on your scrubs need to be able to hold the tools and other objects you need accessible throughout the day.

That means the pockets needs to be tough for sharp objects, various sizes to fit a wide array of tools, etc.

What kind of pockets do you need?

Stethoscope: The nice thing about stethoscopes are that; even though they’re large, they can easily fit around anyone’s neck - making them convenient to carry with you. (Good thing, too, since almost every medical personnel do).

Pens & Writing Utensils: Another easy-to-carry necessity - writing utensils. They’re dull, lightweight, and small, so fitting pens or others in your scrub pockets should never be an issue.

Notepads/Prescription Pads/Sticky Notes: The tricky thing about carrying notepads around with you is their size. Most notepads tend to be wide - as in, too wide for pockets. But, there are certain styles of scrubs that include various-sized pockets that could probably fit your favorite notepad.

Light: Last, but certainly not least, you’ll (almost) always find a light on someone who works in the medical field. Lights help doctors and nurses to look at patients eyes, mouths, ears, among other things. Typically, these types of lights are pen-shaped, making them extremely easy to carry around (and fitting easily into those scrub pockets).