What to Do With Retired Blue Sky Scrubs

What to Do With Retired Blue Sky Scrubs

If you have a set of scrubs lying around that you don’t wear anymore, or that aren’t wearable, don’t throw them out! Instead, recycle them! There are several great uses for old retired scrubs; you just have to get creative! Here are a few things you can do with your retired medical attire:

Washing the Dog

When Fido gets muddy and needs a bath, scrubs can protect you from the mud, water, and soap that may get onto your clothes while washing your pet. When you’re finished, you can just take them off and launder them as you usually would! Your street clothes will stay perfectly clean and dry.

DIY Projects

Arts and crafts, anyone? If you’re doing any DIY projects that may be a tad messy, don a set of retired scrubs before you begin! They’ll keep your street clothes safe from dust, glue, glitter, and anything else you may be using. Convenient, right?

Cleaning House

Ah… chore day. Wear a set of scrubs on chore day and you’ll stay protected from chemicals like bleach and other cleaners. Your clothes will also stay dust, dirt, and stain-free! Scrubs are great for wearing while cleaning, and they’re comfortable, too!

Washing the Car

Need to wash the car? Put on your scrubs first! And say goodbye to dirt and grease stains, as you’ll be completely protected by those old, worn out scrubs. Yes, they’re still good for something!

Lounging Around

Blue Sky scrubs are so comfortable and soft that you’ll want to wear them at home, after work, when you’re just lounging around. Our scrubs have side slits at the hips, making it easier to move around in them. And worn scrubs are even more comfy!

We like to brag that our medical scrubs are so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them after work! It’s true! Find ultimate comfort in Blue Sky scrubs, and never wear another brand again!