When to Replace Your Scrubs

When to Replace Your Scrubs

So you’ve had your scrubs for a while now, and think maybe it’s time to replace them with a newer pair of Blue Sky scrubs. Fair enough! We’re excited for you. Here’s when you should definitely replace your scrubs:

When They’re Torn

No matter the size of the rip, if your scrubs are torn, it’s definitely time to replace them. Just think of how professional you’ll look in a brand new set of scrubs, as opposed to a torn pair! Plus, you won’t have the discomfort of worry about that rip spreading; what if you don’t have a spare set of scrubs with you?

When They’ve Faded

If your scrub colors are fading it’s time for replacing! There’s nothing better than a set of vibrant, brightly colored scrubs to set a great mood for the day! And again with the professionalism- newer scrubs look far more professional than faded scrubs. Try out our Classic Shelby scrubs in a multitude of beautiful colors here. They’re colorful, luxuriously soft, made from the finest fabrics, and tailored with an hourglass shape. You’ll love them!

If They’re Uncomfortable

If your medical scrubs are just flat out uncomfortable, let’s find a new set. Uncomfortable, ill-fitting scrubs make for a cranky worker! If they’re too large and boxy, they can get caught on things. But if they’re form fitting like Blue Sky scrubs, you’re good to go. For a comfortable and stretchy pair of scrubs, try out our Technical Scrubs! They’re the perfect blend of activewear and medical attire.

Shop Blue SkyCo. and you’ll never be able to go with another brand! Our scrubs are so soft and luxurious you’ll want to wear them after work. We put a ton of effort into making sure you’re outfitted in the most comfortable, quality medical attire out there.