Where Else Can I Wear Scrubs Besides Work?

Where Else Can I Wear Scrubs Besides Work?

As a medical professional, you likely have a closet full of scrubs you must wear to work. Although you’re probably dying to wear something different on your time off, scrubs may come in handy for a few activities at home, outside the workplace.

Scrubs in Public

First, a word of warning: wearing scrubs outside the workplace is considered unsanitary. So if you run out in your uniform to grab lunch or run an errand, don’t be surprised if you get some looks. Since scrubs are worn in so many different roles, from surgeon to receptionist, no one can know for sure whether you’ve spent your day behind a desk, or in the operating room.

Ideally, you’d change into your scrubs when you get to work, then change out of them before leaving the premises, to minimize the effects of any germs that hitched a ride on your clothes. This of course adds an extra level of inconvenience. Not all workplaces have a good locker-room setup for their employees to use, nor do the employees have much time to change into and out of their scrubs. Do what you feel is best—unless your workplace has a policy in place, in which case we advise sticking with the policy! Surgical scrubs that are luxurious. 

Other Scrubs-Appropriate Activities

Scrubs are an excellent choice for times around the house when you need a comfortable outfit that can get dirty. A variety of household chores are a great candidate for scrubs. Next time you need to mow the lawn, paint a room, clean your gutters, or fix your car, change into some comfy scrubs. If you’re using older or worn scrubs, be sure they’ve been washed and sanitized to avoid spreading germs at home. And think twice before leaving the house in your dirty scrubs, since you don’t want anyone to think you’re coming straight from the hospital! Also for the most amazing scrub hats visit www.blueskyscrubs.com

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