Which Scrub Cap Fits You Best? Blue Sky Scrubs Austin, Texas

Which Scrub Cap Fits You Best? Blue Sky Scrubs Austin, Texas

Do you need a scrub cap that suits your hairstyle, fits into your budget, and showcases your personality? You’ve come to the right place! Blue Sky Co. has hats with all of these qualities (and more), and we’d love to share with you about them! Read below to find which scrub cap will suit you best, and enjoy browsing our collection online. We’re certain you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for!

Blue Sky Co. has three styles of scrub caps for women: The Poppy, The Pixie, and The Pony. Each fits its own type of hairstyle, except for The Poppy, which should suit all types.

The Poppy Scrub Cap

This no nonsense scrub cap is easy and versatile! The Poppy scrub cap is great for medium and long length hair, and is perfect for those wanting something simple. You should be able to to easily secure your hair into The Poppy and be well on your way!

The Pony Scrub Cap

Available in a multitude of vibrant colors and fashionable designs, the Pony scrub cap is perfect for you! It ties your pony tail back so that all of your hair is clear of your face, and covered to meet dress-code guidelines. Check out The Pony scrub cap in this pretty Express Your Lovepattern!

The Pixie Scrub Cap

This easy-to-care-for scrub cap secures your hair at the base of your head. The Pixie is great for short, pixie haircuts, as its name suggests! Its fabric is amazingly soft, and of course is also available in all of our colors and patterns. Go for a solid aquamarineor a patterned cap such as Sydney Plaid, orspread a little comfort with our Century Garden pattern!

Here at Blue Sky Co., no matter your hairstyle, you’re sure to find the cap that’s right for you.