Why Does Durability Matter with Fabric?

Why Does Durability Matter with Fabric?

We rely on our scrubs to help us look professional and polished at work- which means that we expect them to outlast numerous washing cycles and long, strenuous shifts. The lifespan of your scrubs typically depends on the manufacturer, and the quality of the fabric used. As you shop for the perfect set of scrubs, consider the following fabric options, and how they could benefit you at work!

Poly-Cotton Blends

Blue Sky Co. uses the most popular material for scrubs, a poly-cotton blend that is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Wrinkle and fade resistant, this fabric provides excellent durability at an inexpensive price. This fabric also dries quickly, so it requires only minimal time in the dryer, which preserves the fabric over time. Water-soluble stains are easier to treat, too.


100% cotton scrubs are also very durable, and have the added benefit of greater breathability and becoming softer over time. However, they take longer to dry, typically require ironing, and are more expensive than polyester blends. Cotton is an absorbent material, so it might stain more easily than polyester or polyester blends. Cotton scrubs might also shrink in the wash, so wash them with cold water and consider how possible shrinkage might affect sizing.

If you have sensitive skin, cotton’s hypoallergenic nature may make this material the best option!


Polyester is another durable option, but it’s the least breathable material of the three. This is a great thing in the winter, as it will help you keep warm! It also wicks away moisture for a fresher feeling, so if your role at work is especially active, 100% polyester might be an excellent choice. Like the poly-cotton blends, it dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle, and repels stains more than 100% cotton.

Blue Sky scrubs are made of the world’s finest fabric- equally as luxurious as they are durable. Visit our website today to view our one-of-a-kind collection!