Why Surgical Scrub Caps Might Be The Better Choice

Why Surgical Scrub Caps Might Be The Better Choice

When you have a high quality scrub cap that you can wear again and again as long as you keep it clean, what is the point of surgical caps? As we’ll explain, there still might be use for disposables, and they may even be more beneficial than reusable fabric scrub caps. Let’s talk about disposable vs reusable caps, and which option is better for you and the situations you work in from day to day.

Possible Benefits Of Surgical Caps

It may not seem obvious at first, but using disposable scrub caps may actually help save money in the long run. Disposable scrubs can be time-savers too, since you won’t have to launder any fabric. And they also keep contaminants away from patients or other medical personnel, like any other scrub. Caps are important because as it turns out, hair captures more contaminants than most other parts of the body, especially since you won’t wash your hair throughout the day the same way that you might wash your hands. As you can see, disposable scrubs have many uses.

Clean, Single-Use Surgical Caps

For doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, in situations where sterility is important, It's always good to consider disposable scrubs. In many cases, single-use scrubs can be much more effective than textile scrubs. We’re not saying to completely give up on fabric, but when a situation calls for it, you’ll be glad you got disposable scrubs.

Stylish Surgical Scrub Caps From Blue Sky

Each of our lightweight, surgical scrub caps are made with a hypoallergenic material that does not include any latex. They were designed to fit in the same style as the Pony Scrub Cap and Pixie Scrub Cap, our fabric options.

For more information on the gorgeous scrubs, lab coats and accessories that we offer, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.