Your Scrubs Deserve the Best Treatment

Your Scrubs Deserve the Best Treatment

Blue Sky Co. designs  medical uniforms that are meant to last, stay vibrant beyond many washes, and keep you looking professional. However, there are mistakes we could make with our scrubs that are important to avoid. Let’s look over a few of these mistakes so that we can keep our scrubs looking fantastic!

Skipping the Pre Wash

When you purchase a brand new set of medical scrubs, it’s important to give them a good prewash. This helps the colors to set in, keeping them vibrant and true through shift after shift, and it also properly sanitizes them. You want your scrubs looking clean and bright, right?

Too Many Drying Cycles

We get it- you’re tired, and you don’t want to fold that load of scrubs sitting in your dryer. So you keep restarting the dryer, tumbling them over and over. This may save you from inconvenience, but putting your scrubs through extra heat and tumbling can increase wear and tear.

Ignoring Washing Instructions

This one’s a biggie! Your scrubs have a label that tells you certain instructions for washing, such as cold water only, or tumble dry low. Should you use bleach, warm water, or  line dry your scrubs? Find out by reading the tag on your scrub sets!

Using Too Much Detergent

We’re not just trying to help you save money- there actually is a reason to avoid using the incorrect amount of detergent! Sometimes it doesn’t all rinse away, and if excess detergent gets caught in a tricky area (like inside a pocket) bacteria could begin to grow. Avoid all of this by reading the instructions on your laundry soap bottle.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Bleach isn’t always necessary. In fact, white vinegar is a great alternative if you’re not working to wash away stains. White vinegar is completely safe for fabric, and the environment. Using harsh chemicals can of course wear down the fabric on your scrubs. For the most  luxurious scrubs visit today.