5 Tips for Long Lasting Scrubs

5 Tips for Long Lasting Scrubs

We love our Blue Sky scrubs! So obviously we want them to last as long as possible, so that we can keep wearing them, and wearing them, and… well, you get the picture! Fortunately there are plenty of ways to preserve your scrubs’ fabric and keep them looking great. So without further adieu, here are five excellent ways to keep your scrubs in tip top shape!

Use the Hot Iron When You Can

Your hot iron is a great tool for keeping your medical scrubs in perfect condition. Just use it periodically, whenever you can; we know you’re busy! But hot irons help your scrubs to look clean, crisp, and vibrant!

Follow Proper Washing Instructions

You know that tag on the inside of your scrubs? It’s full of important information regarding how you should wash them, whether or not you should use warm water, or chlorine bleach, etc. Make sure to follow them closely to get the most out of your scrubwear!

Don’t Overuse Soap or Fabric Softener

This also goes on the line of following proper washing instructions. Overusing soap and/or fabric softener can break down your scrubs’ soft, luxurious fibers more quickly. We certainly don’t want that!

Wear Your  Medical Scrubs ONLY at Work

Until your scrubs are worn enough to be retired, save them for work only. Retired scrubs are great for mowing the lawn, bathing the dog, etc, but until then, protect your scrubs by limiting their use to where they’re needed most- work.

Carry them Home Safely

Bring a wet/dry bag, tote bag, or even a ziplock bag to work with you to carry your scrubs home in. Meshing them with the other contents of your purse isn’t such a great idea. Your scrubs deserve to be protected at all times! We design all our scrubs in  Austin, Texas.