Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Pair of Scrubs

Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Pair of Scrubs

Like a favorite t-shirt, we want the most out of our favorite pair of medical scrubs. We get it- we’ve all been there. Clothing that’s comfortable often gets worn more, therefore you share more experiences with it- and before you know it, your favorite-whatever has sentimental meaning in your life. So, how can you keep your favorite scrubs around longer? How can you get the most out of them?

We’re here to help!

Start by Prewashing

After you order or buy any scrubs clothing, it’s important to always wash it first. This helps any colors set into the fabric before you wear it, allowing them to stay vibrant far longer than they do without a prewash.

Use the Right Products

Every pair of scrubs (and clothes, really) comes with instructions on how to wash and care for it. Read these carefully with your scrubs because you want to make sure you’re using the right products with them. If not, the fabrics could wear and fade quicker than they’re supposed to because the chemicals may be too harsh. Be careful using bleach, and of course avoid cheap laundry detergents and fabric softeners that could wear your scrubs out faster. Also avoid mixing your medical uniforms with your street clothes- that can be downright gross at times, but most of all it’s just easier and safer to keep everything separated. After washing your scrubs, take care not to dry them on too high of heat. It’s best to dry them on a low setting or hang them up to dry so the fibers aren’t damaged from the heat.

Look Over Scrubs Before Putting Them Away

If there are any stray threads, stains that aren’t quite set in, or other issues, make sure you catch them and make any possible repairs before putting them away! This will ensure that you’ll look your sharpest, most professional look when you get ready to go into work.

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