Great Tips for Buying the Best Medical Scrubs

Great Tips for Buying the Best Medical Scrubs

Tips for Buying the Best Medical Scrubs

Scrubs protect the wearer from cross-contamination, disease, and other unpredictable situations that can happen at the drop of a hat in a hectic medical setting. Wearing scrubs protects you and your patients, as well as lets patients know you are there to help without even having to say a word. Since these uniforms have such a diverse use, it is very important to buy the best quality scrubs on the market for longevity and safety.

When purchasing scrubs, you want to look for comfort, quality and ease of mobility at all times. Here are some tips for buying the best quality scrubs and how to select the right ones for your professional lifestyle.

Tip #1: Comfort and Fit

Know your measurements before you buy your scrubs for the best fit possible. Medical scrubs are made loose-fit so you have room to bend, reach and move quickly if need be. You don’t want scrubs that are too loose though, as it could be a hazard while you’re working and also can look unprofessional if they are ill-fitting.

The same goes with scrubs that are too tight, as you don’t want your movement restricted by a tight-fitting uniform. Try a few different sizes and styles on and see what feels the best. Bad scrubs can make your day excruciating if you are working a double in ill-fitting clothing.

The neck cut of your scrubs helps with comfort as well. They come in square, round, v-neck or mock wrap. Choose whichever makes you feel most comfortable and won’t restrict movement. Always check with your employer to make sure you are complying with any uniform restrictions before you buy as well.

Tip #2: Dress Code

Many hospitals and health care facilities color-code scrubs for each department as a way to better identify each type of medical staff, as to be able to differentiate between doctors, nurses, receptionists and such. Color coding can differ from place to place, so make sure to know what your place of work requires for you to wear.

The color coding isn’t just by chance, there is science to back up many of the color choices. Doctors usually wear blue, and that color has been shown to elicit feelings of calm, while green worn by nurses helps with calming anxiety and can also make a person feel more comfortable and at ease.

Tip #3: Pockets

Pockets can be a double-edged sword when wearing scrubs, because while they are very helpful in helping you store and carry needed items such as pens, alcohol pads, and small devices, they can also become overloaded with too many items and even become a hazard by inhibiting your movement and getting in the way.

Make sure to think about the most essential items you will need to carry throughout the day and use those necessary items as a template to purchase your scrubs. If your job does not require you to have pockets or you don’t think they will be necessary, there are plenty on the market with limited or no pockets as well.

Tip #4: Fabric Quality

Quality is the biggest factor in choosing scrubs. When picking out your scrubs, the cheapest is not usually the best and you may end up spending more buying cheaper kinds because they do not last as long nor provide as good of protection at work.

Depending on your position, you may need scrubs that are stain-resistant and anti-microbial. Some scrubs even have moisture wicking which is fantastic if you encounter germs and bodily fluids or are prone to sweating throughout the day.

Keeping dry and comfortable can make or break a long shift and having a stain-free scrub will endear you to patients as it will show an air of professionalism that dirty scrubs can’t give. Always make sure your scrubs have the qualities you need and don’t be afraid to pay extra as you will thank yourself later.

There are also anti-wrinkle and anti-fade options for scrubs which is another great amenity as washing scrubs takes time and often two separate washes, so anti-fade is necessary and anti-wrinkle will help if you are too tired to iron in the mornings.

Comfort and Quality All in One Place

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