How Do You Fix Fading Scrub Fabric?

How Do You Fix Fading Scrub Fabric?

The color of any type of clothing is essential. We buy clothes for their aesthetic appeal, right?

Unfortunately, fabrics fade, it happens. We know it’s not what you want to hear, but not all fabric can stay vibrant forever. However, we do have some tips to help you keep your fabric from fading and restore faded fabric to a more vibrant color from us here at Blue Sky Co. We love our scrubs, so we want you to be able to love them for as long as possible. Here’s how we can slow the fading down:

Pre-Wash Your Scrubs

It’s always helpful to pre-wash your scrubs after purchasing them! This helps the colors to set in and does wonders when it comes to, well, keeping them that way. Use extra water when you’re doing this, to give your scrubs more space to move around. You can also add ½ C of white vinegar to the load for sanitization.

Line Dry Your Scrubs

Instead of tossing your scrubs into the dryer, try line drying them, instead! Unfortunately, the heat from a dryer is sometimes too much for those beautiful colors, and causes them to fade. A clothesline can be a miracle for your scrubwear. You can even set one up on the balcony if you live in an apartment building!

Only Wear Your Scrubs at Work

It also helps to reserve your medical scrubs for work, only. We know it can be tempting to wear them while lounging on your time off, but obviously the less you use your scrubs, the longer their colors will stay vibrant and bright. So give it a shot: only wear your scrubs at work, and nowhere else!

Blue Sky Co. is beyond proud to bring you the latest, greatest medical scrubwear on the market! Our scrubs are made from the world’s finest fabrics, so they’re unbelievably soft. You simply can’t go wrong with a wide variety of colors for the world’s softest scrubs.